Make your customers loyal – use your restaurant’s app to invite them back


In this article we will discuss why it can be more beneficial to maintain your current and loyal clients and grow their loyalty instead of acquiring new ones. This, to be honest, won’t be panacea for you business, but it might be really useful to think about it.

Most of businesses, including you, probably think that the growth of their organization depends only on acquiring new clients, so it is obvious that you strategy focuses on that. And this is done by most (your opponents included).

That isn’t, actually, bad, but… Depending on which study you believe, and what industry you’re in, acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing and loyal one.


Easy. Try to think how much it costs to acquire 100 clients to your e-shop (because of big competition in the market, the price of advertising changes nearly everyday), than calculate probability of these clients buying from you when visiting your super duper site for the first time and for the unbelievably good price.

Unfortunately, there are only a few of such enthusiasts that will buy your product immediately after seeing in for the first time. You will be lucky if only couple of people will do it out of hundred. Reality check – new clients aren’t excited to buy from you, because it is their first time seeing you, they aren’t sure about the quality of your product and service and they will compare your deal with others’. After going through all these steps, there will be just a few people out of one hundred. At least your visitor count will look promising.

Sure, there are a lot of ways to keep those 100 customers and make them loyal – Google Ads, Facebook remarketing, pop-up messages, “offer your price” method, huge discounts, landing and squeeze page, funnels and many more.

And I am pretty sure you are using some of them. Maybe even all of them – if this is the case I applaud you.

But let’s get back to loyal customers – those, who already trusted you and used your service and are happy you did a great job.

Answer honestly:

When was the last time you communicated with them?

When was the last time you reminded them about yourself or shared you insights on about your products?

Probably you forgot some of those. No worries, because even those who didn’t stops at one simple obstacle – their messages aren’t noticed, and, hell, are ignored.

These days digital world has a lot of noise – it’s like a helicopter in your bedroom at 4 o’clock in the morning. This leads to natural development of ignorance or you just simply install some kind of ad-block. And there is no way avoiding it.

Ads are everywhere – Youtube, Facebook, Forbes – they are so annoying that it makes us to stop reading, even if it is really interesting what Kardashians are up to.

This leads to increased costs in advertisement in order to shout-out all the noise.

So, what should you do? More ads? Yes, it can help, but here comes price, that you have to pay in order to reach your customer. And it increases as fast as food prices.

There is one more way to achieve, which isn’t really popular. Abracadabra – apps.

Big brands, even by having huge budgets, noticed this channel quickly and targeted loyal clients – those, who are already trusting them.

When we talk about communication with your clients, apps are the way to go in this serpentine mountain roads reminding world, in which you can never be sure what is waiting you around the corner.

And that is why.

Apps allows your clients to reach you quickly. Push notifications can reach up to 99% of your users. When comparing this with e-mails, which reaches 10-15% and open rates up to 10%, you can notice why mobile app can quickly become your most effective tool communicating with your clients. Recommendation system will motivate your clients to shout “They are cool – download their app!” into their friends ear.

Close your eyes and imagine (I’m joking, read with your eyes open): by having your logo in their devices, clients will be forced to choose between opportunity to buy from you or go to the noise and find others. Your client will also think about you when planning their next shopping list, because he already trusts you. And having logo in their screen works on subconscious level (science!).

According to Criteo, apps users, when compared to mobile browser users, are twice as likely to return to your store within 30 days.

Now let’s talk about ways to increase loyalty (not the marital one) of you clients by using your app:

  • Push notifications. You can send your messages straight to your clients screen. Attract them with discounts, special offers and gifts (as some kind of Santa Claus).
  • Exclusive content. Implement offers that are available only through your mobile application – for example, limited deals or special prices for app users. Special offers give your regular customers motivation to download your app and increase conversion rates and “Product’s Tinder” might help them find significant other in their kitchen or closet.
  • Rewards system. Bread and games – these are the words that were being shouted by Romans. And we all know that Roman Empire was one of the strongest. Your app will let your users get points, participate in lotteries and receive discounts, free shipping and other useful prizes.
  • Advanced customer support. Haven’t you experienced that horrible feeling, when bad service during your breakfast destroys your mood for the whole day? And if it’s monday – forget about having a nice week. Good customer support goes a long way. Establish solid communication 24/7 between your store and your customers. Customers should be able to solve their problems in the app via live chat.

Everything that we poured from the depth of our hearts and brains into this article help you increase your clients’ loyalty and boost their return rate. While you are thinking on how to acquire new customers think about how current ones can help you increase your sales.

The Price


An app works with all the devices from 4.4 Android version (KitKat). In other words – it works in all the devices which were released from 2013.

Feature which allows you to publish Special offers in a particular Offers menu column. Special Offers also appears in the main page of an app. Special Offers grants mutual value being available just for an app users.



Digital menu with pictures and interactive functions, such as possibility to press ♥ on customers’ favorite dish or possibility to see how much it will take for a dish to arrive.

Fortune’s wheel. Users can spin the wheel every 24 hours and win your prizes. This game motivates them to come back to your app everyday.

Special feature which allows you to send short messages straight to the home screen of customers phones. Message will be delivered and seen even if an app is turned off. Push notifications works only on Android devices.

Section for a photos with ability to create separate albums.

Section for feedback’s, which you will be able to upload by yourself.

Section for events, which you will be able to create by yourself uploading photos and text information.

Feature which allows just with one click contact you through Facebook Messenger or phone.

Taking care of smooth operation of an app and solving all technical issues if it occurs. Constant analysis of apps market for making effective improvements of the system.


Smartphones update their systems every 6 months. So apps must do the same to be able to stay in the phones and in the app’s markets. That’s why we will always take care and update your app so it would meet all the new requirements and stay published.

Everything what the plan START includes plus:
iPhone devices

An app works with all the devices from iOS 9. In other words – it works on all devices from iPhone 5 and iPad 2.

Points System

Plugin of points system is a part of loyalty program. For being active in an app users get points. They collect those points and gain levels like in a status game. They can exchange points into the prizes and always try to reach higher status of an app user.

Layout of special advertising stickers

Advertising stickers which encourages and motivates customers to download your app. Customized for using on a restaurant tables but can be used elsewhere as well.

Comments and Likes on posts

App’s users can comment and click “like” next to every post in an app.

Marketing Guru

Access to special Marketing Guru section where specialists of online marketing share various tips, ideas and tools for helping you to exploit all the possibilities of an app and increase customer’s participation in it.

GPS notification

Based on GPS coordinates, this message-notification reaches customer right away when they cross given GPS coordinates (e.g. 200 meters around your restaurant). System automatically sends your offer which is seen even if  your app is turned off. GPS notifications works only on Android devices.

Recommendation system

In order to receive points, user can invite their friends to download your app. After download, user will receive earned points which will be collected and later exchanged to your prizes. Recommendation system enables “word of mouth” advertising and increases the number of users as well as the number of your customers.

E-book: 7 Steps To Effective Communication Through Your App

Program of 7 steps – easy to use but highly effective in a same time – will guide you and help you to make creative and interacting communication for your app users. Ideas and real examples made by social media and online marketing experts.